*****Written Word Coaching*****

Are you excited about starting your business, getting it online with a website and building relationships with your tribe?


But the thought of putting your writing content out there for others to see scares you and consequently, it keeps you from hitting the publish button? 


Maybe you think your writing isn’t up to par (it probably is) or it just needs a little something but you’re not sure what.


Maybe you’re stumped for ideas on what to write or how to improve the flow.


What’s it worth to you to have someone look over your writing and give you gentle suggestions on improving it?


You know, it might not be the writing itself, but the flow or the images that’s keeping it from being the best it can be. Sometimes we can’t see what’s causing the problem because we’re too close to it.


I believe that writing is a very personal thing and everyone’s style is different. I also believe that everyone, myself included, can make our writing better with someone else’s eyes on it.


That’s where I come in. I’ve been a professional writer for over 20 years.


I’ll take a look at your blog posts. articles or website content, and then make suggestions on ways to improve it. Don’t worry, I’m not a stern taskmaster. I simply make suggestions.


The Written Word Writing Coach


I will give you guidance on writing your blog posts/articles/content, editing/proofing, suggestions on improving the content such as adding images, being more personalized, etc.


I have three options:

Get in while everything is half price!!

   3 blog posts for $97  $48.50    

   10 blog posts for $297 $148.50  

  entire website for $597  $298.50

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Carol Owens, author, writer, coach.