Book Prompts


Book Prompts: Not sure what to write about? This is for you. Book prompts are topics with ideas on how to personalize it  for books in your niche. You get at least 25 prompts in the niche of your choice.

How it works:

  • Tell me your niche.
  • I’ll research and brainstorm topics, coming up with current trends and evergreen topics for you to consider.
  • I send you my ideas.
  • Look through the topics, each with at least three writing prompts.
  • Pick one or two prompts.
  • Write your book!

Cost: $17

What I need from you is your niche and who you are targeting and the timeline needed. If you already have an idea or two but need it more focused, I can work it into the prompts.

Need an example of the type of prompts you’ll get? Click on this page.