Book Coaching

Book Coaching

Book coaching is your guide into the writing and publishing process of your first (or second) book. This is for you if you know you want to write a book but aren’t sure what to write about or how to get it published.

There are three levels for my book coaching so you can start at whatever level you’re at.

The Just the Basics plan

Just the Basics plan is for you if you just want some guidance on where to start or how to build a writing ritual.

One 30-minute call


The I’m Just Getting Started plan.

This is for the beginning writer who has an idea for a book but not sure where to start. In this package, I’ll help you narrow down your idea into one that fits you and your niche. Then:

*We’ll work together to create an outline

* Give you guidance on setting up a writing ritual and having the right mindset

* Guide you in using your voice, research tips, and writing tips as well as suggestions on getting a cover created.

* Scan up to 10 pages of your manuscript for tips on editing or proofreading needs

This includes one daily email question if needed and two  30-minute calls.


The I’m Somewhere in the Middle plan

This is for you if you’ve already decided on a topic, created an outline and started writing. You’re either stuck on what to do next or you’re ready to move into the publishing phase. Maybe you’re having trouble finishing your book or feel it needs something else.

* We’ll work together to figure out what needs to happen next with a 30 minute call

*I’ll read through what you’ve already written and proofread it. I’ll make suggestions on changes and improvements

*I’ll guide you on the publishing journey. We’ll decide on a publishing platform, the technical stuff you need to know, and formatting

*Give you suggestions on marketing your book

This includes an initial 30-minute call, up to 2 emails a day for help, One 30 minute call each week and proofreading of the final product.