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Leila Hardy

I just wanted to say how much weight you, Carol, have lifted off my shoulders! I love to use my time wisely, so I repurpose lots of my work to be used in many platforms. How ironic that in doing that, I have been wasting a lot of time in the past, as editing and reformatting transcribes into blogs have been zapping my time and my energy as they are just not in my zone of genius!

It wasn’t until I met Carol that I felt brave enough to let that project go to someone else. My fear has always been that I’ll end up spending just as much time again correcting and rephrasing work so it feels authentically me. I felt that Carol understood me, my style and my energy, so I immediately felt comfortable to leave my transcripts in her incredible hands, knowing they would be edited and formatted in a way that still feels and reads like my usual self, so I can use those in my marketing and blogs.

Having Carol work in her zone of genius has saved me at least 5 hours a week, if not more and Carol totally does a better job than I could ever have done!

Thank you so much! I am so happy to be able to fill that time doing what I am meant to be doing-helping others with their health!

Leila Hardy


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