Determine the Type of Book: Fiction or Non-fiction

Maybe you want to write the next great fiction novel. Or you want to share your knowledge you’ve acquired in your life. Whatever your goal is, you will have to determine the type of book you want to write.

Will it be a short story fiction piece about robots in the garden? Or are you writing a 400 page romance novel?

Will it be a non-fiction how-to book about raising goats for their milk?

There are many types of books and even more categories.

One of the most common books is the recipe book. Considered a compiled book, it is one of the easiest to create online. A compiled book is simply a book created with a collection of information about a topic from different sources with added value.

An example of a recipe book is The Slow Cooker Cookbook: 87 Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Recipes for Slow Cooked Meals

Another popular non-fiction is the tips or ideas books. Simply gather a large number of tips into a book.
Look at these titles for ideas:

How to Organize Small Spaces: Decluttering Tips and Organization Ideas for Your Home

Home Cleaning Shortcuts: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for a Fast and Lasting Clean

The question and answers and interviews books are created by answering a quetion or interviewing someone else who can answer the questions on a topic.

A QUESTION OF STYLE; How to look incredible at 40 and beyond

Is Yoga For Everyone?: Professional Yoga Instructors & Studios Provide Real Answers To Real Questions!

Look through the Amazon Kindle categories for the different types of books. It is a great way to spark your creative thoughts.

In fiction, you can write anything from children’s fiction to erotica to science fiction. The length of the book is limited only by your story line.

Well, I have written a page every day now for a week. My topic started out a little slow but once I have gotten into it I am really enjoying it. I did a keyword search to help me make sure I was on track and to help spark the imagination. This book is a non-fiction book, so it contains a more personal story to go along with the tips and tricks. Can’t tell you the category yet though, 😉 That will be revealed when I get closer to publish time.

5 Steps to Choosing a Topic For My Book

There are a lot of ways to determine your niche and the topic you want to write about. All over the internet you can find gurus and others telling you to do it this way or that.

Here are the 5 steps I use to choose my topic.

1. Search

Go to the Amazon Kindle Store. Look at the top sellers list for all categories or if you have a niche in mind look through the top sellers in that niche. Look for books that have at least 37 results but not more than 250 and with at least 2 books with low sales rankings. By this I mean a seller has an Amazon sales rank of in the 10,000 to 20,000 sales or less.

2. Browse Bookstores

3. tag cloud
Amazon tag cloud shows the most popular categories books are being purchased.

4. Eliminate. This is a great exercise for those of us who have a lot of ideas and don’t know which one to go with first. In this step I simply write down all my ideas for any books I want to write. Then I take the top 3 that are the most interesting to me and put the others away for a later date. Now take 10 to 20 minutes to write on the first topic, then the second and finally the third. The topic that keeps you coming back to it is the one you want to go with.

5. Ask others.
Go to forums, social media sites and your friends. Ask what topics they read adn look


Deciding on a topic in a niche I will enjoy writing about will help me get my book written faster and easier than if I went with a topic in a niche I know very little about.

This writing book challenge is really pushing me to write for myself.

On The Road To Published Book

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I have always wanted to be a published author.

The idea of having my name attached to a published book is both thrilling and terrifying.

Like many others, life and fear have held me back from pursuing the passion of publishing.

Well no more, I say. With all the new technology in self-publishing from Kindle to Nook, publishing a book has never been easier. There are no query letters to write and no publishers to convince your book is the next best-seller.

I have set up a challenge for myself. (and anyone who wants to follow along). I will write at least one page a day on a book to be published on Kindle at the end of 30 days.

I will be reporting my progress here along with the steps I take to get that book out of my mind and onto (digital) paper.

The first step will be to determine my niche. I will go into more detail in the next post on how I do the research on how to find out what is selling.

Since I have many interest, I have to decide which direction I want to take.

Will this be a book in my own name, that I want to be known for? Or am I going to write under a pen name?

Is it a non-fiction or fiction work? I want to do both so I have to decide where to start.

Do I go with something I am already an expert in or do I want to do a lot of research and interviewing? The easiest book to write will be from my own experiences of course.

This is just the beginning of all the questions. I am finding that writing and publishing a book isn’t as simple as turning in a high school short story.


But I’m looking forward to the journey.



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How to Format Your Books For Kindle Publishing

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Freelancers and creative types sometime don’t realize how having their own published book affects their marketing. Having a published book gives your customers and clients the perception you are an authority in your niche.  But getting  a book published by traditional methods can take a lot of time, if you can even get a publisher to take a chance on your book. Another great option is publishing on the Kindle format.

Here are the basic steps. Don’t have time  or want to do this yourself? Contact me about my special Kindle Formatting offer. Continue reading “How to Format Your Books For Kindle Publishing”

Is there really gender discrimination in business?

Hi Creative Women,

Today I have the honor of bringing you a post from a special guest, Lynnette Chandler. Lynnette is the resident tech expert at SoloMasterminds

Hope you enjoy this post.


In a private Facebook group, I noticed a lot of people were looking for a tech person to work with. So, I introduced myself. Upon returning to check on the status, I saw a post at the very top of the wall from a guy who also introduced himself as a coder.

Now, I’m not that naive to think I am the only geek in a group. There are probably many people better at tech than me in any group. What gave me pause was, why this guy’s introduction got so many responses when mine hardly went noticed.

A horrifying thought flashed through my mind. It couldn’t be true. Did he get more attention because he’s  a man? Maybe you have experienced something similar. Something that made you stop to wonder if you didn’t win the bid, secure that client or get that exposure because you are a woman. Then, you look around and it looks like all the top dogs are men.

Of course it depends on the industry you are in but I’m here to tell you, even in seemingly male-centric arenas, there are plenty of women quietly making serious coin. Sometimes, we aren’t seeing the ladies because women simply aren’t vocal about their successes. And, when we toot our own horn, we often express it in an entirely different manner.

For us, being able to support our families and being there when the kids get off the bus mean a whole lot more than ‘crushing it’ or making a million dollars in 24 hours. I’m not saying women don’t strive for that. I’d love to make that kind of money any day. It’s just, our goals are often more immediate and realistic.

That is why it’s always refreshing to hear stories about real women and how they broke through the barriers. If you need a little inspiration from authentic women just like you, head on over to SoloMasterminds. They are bragging on three ladies who turned their wildest dreams into reality while juggling homework, laundry, whiny children, soccer practices and meal plans.

As for that little incident I told you about earlier, after giving it more thought, I decided it had nothing to do with gender nor discrimination of any kind. There were plenty of logical and probably more accurate explanations like the timing of our posts and how quickly my post got buried under a flurry of activity.

What I learned that week – focus on being awesome instead of speculating about something that may not be true because when working for yourself, there is no glass ceiling. Especially with an Internet business. Don’t take my word for it. Check out the three case studies and let those women tell you their story.

— BIO —
Lynette Chandler helps small businesses leverage technology in their marketing. She is also the resident tech expert at SoloMasterminds and credits it for helping to turn her business around. Lynette would love to connect with you in this special community and invites you to come check it out.

What do you think? Are you losing clients and projects because of gender or is it really something else?

Super Affilliate Interview with Lynn Terry

There are thousands of ways to make money online. And, if you’re like me, you may have tried many before you the one that works for you. One way I use to make passive income online is through affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you sign up for an affiliate program wherein you will be given a link. You will put this link in your site, blog or email then encourage people to click on it. If the person who clicks the link eventually buys the product or service being sold, then you get a percentage or a commission of the total sale.

When I think of affiliate marketers, two people come to mind. Rosiland Gardner, the original super affiliate and creator of the Super Affiliate Handbook and Lynn Terry, of the Clicknewz Mastermind Group. Both have been earning a good living with affiliate sales online for many years. Continue reading “Super Affilliate Interview with Lynn Terry”