Build your Business Kickstart 6 Week Mastermind Course

Build your Business Kickstart 6 Week Mastermind Course

Ready to build your business? Don’t know where to begin? Marketing scares you?

This Mastermind course will give you the kick-start you need to get going. It includes the steps  you need to get started quickly and get going, including:

  • Choosing your business: we’ll explore your talents and desires, your skills and experiences to help you come up with the business you love
  • Setting up your business legally
  • Choosing a domain and business model: we’ll explore the different types of business models and search for domain names
  • Guidance in setting up your first blog/website with WordPress
  • Connecting with your potential clients, customers through social media: We’ll begin connecting with your potential tribe
  • Marketing tips, free and paid
  • Advanced marketing tips like publishing a book, speaking engagements and other ways.
  • Access to me through email and social media anytime
  • Check ins with me weekly
  • and more!

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