Book Prompts for the Gardening Niche

Coming up with ideas for a book can sometimes feel like someone turned off  your creative thoughts. You just can’t seem to think of what to write about. I’ve put together a short list here of ideas for your next book in the gardening niche.

But you’re not limited to gardening only. These can crossover into the healthy living niche, stress niche, lose weight niche and saving money niches as well. Use your imagination!  some of the topics can be combined to make an even deeper niche.

  1. Getting healthy in the garden. (this is a great crossover idea) Talk about how you can get in shape by gardening using different types of tools or just your hands. Give benefits of fresh vegetables to your body
  2. Garden grows money.  Talk about how you can save money by growing your own vegetables.
  3. What to plant when. Create a print book through CREATESPACE that lets your readers keep track of what they plant, when they planted it, it’s production rate and any other information like pest control or fertilizing
  4. Which gardening tools do you need. Talk about the types of tools necessary and the ones that are convenient but not essential. Give tips on caring for the tools and how to store them.
  5. Survival gardening. Talk about what you should plant and why, how to preserve it and why you should garden for survival
  6. Homestead gardening.
  7. Wildflower and native plants: Gardening for your area
  8. Creative Garden structures. Give ideas or plans on using repurposed items as garden structures. For example, how to use an old iron gate for plant support.
  9. Great ways to grow…. (strawberries, melons, etc). Show your readers different ways to grow a certain vegetable. You can focus on small space gardening or on plants that trail and vine and need some type of control.
  10. Gardening for health. Talk about growing herbs and other plants that can be used for health needs. You can focus on specific health need such as arthritis or on herbs for general well being.
  11. Preserve it. Talk about ways to dry, freeze, can and store specific plants. Don’t limit it to vegetables. Herbs and flowers can be dried as well.
  12. Selling your garden produce. Talk about ways to set up a produce stand, sell at a farmers market, or a roadside stand. Discuss costs, pricing, displaying, and customer service.
  13. Beat those weeds and other unwanted grass. Weeds and grass are the bane to many gardeners. Talk about natural and consumer products that kill weeds.
  14. Grow a summer’s worth of food with Container Gardening. Talk about the perfect plants to use in your containers, the different types of containers, the best soil mix, lighting conditions and watering.
  15. Landscaping in the garden. Talk about ground covers and how they can be used in your landscape, in and around the garden as pest and weed control.
  16. Theme gardening. Give details and ideas for creating a specific theme in your garden. Maybe you like bohemian style, so you’d give ideas on how to incorporate bright colors, macramé and fabric into your garden landscape.
  17. Stress free gardening. Talk about how gardening can help relieve stress and help you relax.
  18. Indoor gardening. Talk about the types of plants you can grow indoors including ones that don’t require a lot of maintenance. Give ideas on decorating with plants.

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