Who am I:

I am a freelance writer and published author. I specialize in marketing and self-improvement. I have published a book, Release, Refresh and Renew To Relieve Stress as well as have several poems published in two anthologies.

I am a teacher. My aims are to make stuff actionable and easier for you to understand. I aim to inspire you to build a business that fits you, not the “fit-in-the-box” business we’ve all been taught to follow.

I create workbooks, workshops, tutorials, handouts, brainstorming ideas… all the things you need to help you along the way. I am available to you for creating content on your blog or ebook, research, worksheets or templates.

I am a Life Coach. I love to help women who are building a business, helping them build on their passions and gain the confidence to grow. My passion is to work with women who are struggling with confidence and self image issues.

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Personal tidbits: My first love is the written word. From an early age I have devoured books. By the time I was 10 I had started writing stories and poety. My skill is writing. I have been and still am, a ghostwriter for the past 10 years. I have owned a business of some kind for over 20 years, either in the creative arts field like my sewing costumes for kids business or in the virtual assistant field. Usually these were in addition to working at a j.o.b. and while raising a family.

Before turning to freelancing full time, I worked as an administrative assistant and graphic designer in the publishing industry. My education includes an Associate of Arts in liberal studies and a Bachelor of Art in Independent studies with an emphasis on art and business.

See samples of my writing on my portfolio page.

My specialties include family and home related topics, gardening, crafts, pets, women’s health, saving and personal finance and real estate. I’m not limited to these subjects, though. I have written on a variety of topics from alternative health to senior fitness to business management.

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I can be reached anytime at info at carolowens dot com for any questions you have.

My rates are competitive, my content original and my service exceptional.